New West Design

New West Design creates custom woodworks that add beauty and function to your home.

Wood can be used to create feelings of warmth and cozy comfort or an air of refined elegance. Working with our clients we design and manufacture exactly what you want for the home you love.

Craftsmanship matters! Our custom doors, furniture, and other works are hand-crafted using time tested methods and quality materials. Resulting in pieces of quality and a level of personalization that far surpasses anything you might get from typical retail options.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
-William Morris

Discover the personal satisfaction and benefits of bringing functional beauty into your life.

The design process is so important to us, and we make sure that we’ve got it right before we proceed with that first cut. Where you have ideas, we gladly work with you on them. Where you need some suggestions, well- we have those, too.

In every stage of the manufacturing process, we handle the wood we work with as it should be - with intention and care - so that the finished product reflects the quality and craftsmanship that New West Design is known for.

Yes, we like to make it easy on you by bringing a completed woodwork to you, and making sure that it’s installed safely and properly into its new home.

Matt Smith, Owner of New West Design


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